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Rebound Ahead?
10:57:40 PM| 1/18/2016
By Jim Brown | The Chinese markets did not melt down after a flurry of economic reports Monday night and the U.S. futures are up strongly.

Sell Everything
10:26:21 PM| 1/13/2016
By Jim Brown | Multiple large banks have put out some very bearish notes over the last couple days. RBS warned on Tuesday to "sell everything." Apparently investors followed their advice today.

Rebound Ahead
1:07:03 AM| 1/8/2016
By Jim Brown | China is rebounding overnight and the S&P futures are up sharply. We are closing some long puts.

Worst Three Days
8:50:54 PM| 1/6/2016
By Jim Brown | The start for January is the worst since the market collapse in 2008. Daily eruptions of geopolitical events, falling oil prices or weak economics have accelerated normal January volatility.

Going Out with a Thud
7:43:18 PM| 1/1/2016
By Jim Brown | The Dow had a great gain on Tuesday but it did not last. The market rolled over on Wednesday and with the Dow lowing -117 points and moving out of range for a positive gain for the year.

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